Child & Spousal Support

Spousal Support Solutions in Northern Virginia

In Virginia, court orders for spousal support (also referred to in some states as "alimony") are typically based on the Court's consideration of certain statutory factors, most importantly, the needs of one party and the ability of the other to pay. You and your spouse can resolve a spousal support issue outside of court, by mutual agreement. Or, the court can determine the issue for you.

To do that, a judge must consider more than a dozen factors, including the obligations, needs and financial resources of each spouse; the length of the marriage; and the contributions each spouse has made to the marriage and well-being of the family. If there is no evidence of adultery (a potential bar in Virginia to any award of spousal support) by the spouse seeking support, the court has a reasonable degree of discretion in making its award. The Court can order that the spousal support payments be made for a fixed or indefinite period of time.

At Wexell Milman, our primary emphasis is on divorce and family law related issues. We have a wealth of experience in handling the issue of spousal support, both in pursuing and defending claims for spousal support. We achieve negotiated or mediated results in many cases, but are equally comfortable litigating these matters in court. Our attorneys represent clients in both pendente lite (temporary) and final support hearings.

Virginia Child Support Determinations

Child support is usually determined by consideration of Virginia's child support guidelines. Essentially, this is a formula that factors in the gross incomes of each parent, the health insurance costs for the children and the costs of any reasonable work-related child care. However, on occasion, a judge or the parents may choose to deviate from the guidelines if he or she feels that one parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed, or if other circumstances warrant it.

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