Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Making the Right Decision for You

Divorce is a process that involves many decisions. There are major decisions about matters such as where and with whom the children will live and a parenting schedule, how much support one spouse should pay to, or receive from the other, and the division of the marital property and debt. We will assist you in evaluating whether these important issues are best resolved through negotiation or at trial.

One of the most critical decisions you have to make is also the first: Choosing the right divorce attorney for you.

  • A good first step in choosing a divorce attorney is to evaluate your needs and objectives and to consider attorneys who are experienced and able to meet those needs and to achieve those objectives.
  • Free consultations are nice but keep in mind that they are usually free for a reason. Often these brief meetings do not get to the heart of your case. In other words, do not limit yourself. Our initial consultations are not free, but they are thorough, and you will come away from the meeting with a real sense of your options.
  • During your initial contact with an attorney, do not shy away from asking questions about fees and costs, the attorney's legal experience with contested and uncontested divorce cases, or the percentage of their practice devoted to family law and issues such as child custody, spousal and child support, property division, and debt division. Inquire about how the attorney will approach your case and try to get a sense of how often they litigate versus settle their cases.
  • In choosing an attorney to handle your family law issues, you should not only choose someone you have confidence in, but also choose someone with whom you are comfortable. Remember - you will be talking with this person about some of the most intimate and important aspects of your life.

Whether you choose to work with our firm or not — we thank you for taking the time to consider Wexell Milman. Our lawyers handle family law and divorce-related legal issues for clients in Fairfax County and throughout the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia. To schedule an initial consultation — reach us at 703-539-5398 or contact us online.