Post-Divorce Actions (Modifications & Enforcement)

Post-Divorce Modification of
Custody, Visitation and Support Terms

Virginia's family courts recognize that as lives, circumstances and needs change, so too may the terms of their divorce settlements and divorce related court orders.

At Wexell Milman, we help our clients obtain post-divorce modifications to the terms or their custody, visitation and support agreements. Our practice is focused primarily on family law and divorce-related matters and we have been providing these services to clients in Fairfax County and the surrounding jurisdictions of Northern Virginia since 1981.

Our experience with post-divorce and separation actions includes:

  • Modification of child custody arrangements
  • Modification of visitation schedules
  • Modification of child support obligations Modification of spousal support payments (including terminations)
  • Contested custodial parent relocations (within Virginia or to another jurisdiction)

The only real requirement that must be met for a court to approve a requested modification is a material change in the circumstances of the person seeking the adjustment and a court order or agreement permitting a modification. We represent clients seeking changes as well as those seeking to preserve the status quo.

In many previous cases, hard work, thorough preparation, and the ability we have to work well with opposing counsel, have combined to help us achieve cost-effective, yet favorable out-of-court solutions to these issues. That said, however, we are just as comfortable in the courtroom and we are fully prepared to litigate these issues when necessary.

Enforcement of Divorce Agreements and Court Orders

If your former spouse is not or has not been fulfilling obligations they assumed as part of your settlement, or the obligations set out in a court order, there may be a number of options for remedying the situation that our lawyers can pursue on your behalf, including wage garnishment, civil actions to enforce, breach of contract claims and contempt of court orders (show cause actions).

Talk to our attorneys about your post-divorce modification or enforcement needs today. To schedule an initial consultation — call our Fairfax County law office directly at 703-539-5398 or, contact us online. Daytime, early evening and Saturday morning appointments are available by request.