Family Law Services Offered
at Wexell Milman

The family law services provided by Wexell Milman are thorough, cost-effective, and reliable. We take a thoughtful approach to serving clients and pride ourselves on thoroughness, preparation, and adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We strive to earn the trust our clients have placed in us by working hard to resolve their family law issues as diligently, promptly and cost-effectively as possible.

We offer a variety of family law services. To schedule a consultation, call our Fairfax, Virginia, offices directly or contact us online.

  • Choosing the right family law attorney is an important first step. Your decision should be based not just on legal experience, but on personal factors as well, including your comfort level with the attorney, and cost.
  • Divorce is a process, not a one-time event. We are here for our clients — ready to answer questions, provide clear explanations, and respond to changing needs and challenges throughout the process.
  • Resolution. We are comfortable in the courtroom and in negotiating a divorce settlement.
  • Contested or uncontested divorce is not an easy thing to go through. We are sensitive to the difficult nature of any divorce, and will give you and your case the time, attention, and thorough preparation it deserves.
  • Child custody and visitation are major concerns for many of our clients. Our family law attorneys work diligently to protect your interests and to achieve a child-centered result. We also assist clients in matters involving grandparent rights, paternity, and parental relocation. We offer guidance and quality legal services for both step-parent and agency adoptions.
  • Child support and spousal support are often ordered as part of the divorce court process. We can explain the various factors Courts take into account in resolving these issues and work with you to achieve a result that is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Dividing the assets and debts that have accumulated during a marriage can be a very complex, contentious process. Our experience in both marital property division and debt division can help you achieve fair and equitable results.
  • Allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously by both family and criminal courts. The divorce lawyers at Wexell Milman help clients obtain temporary and permanent orders of protection. We also aggressively represent clients who have been accused of domestic violence.
  • A well-drafted written prenuptial or marital agreement offers the best protection for a client’s financial and familial interests. We help clients negotiate and execute legally binding prenuptial and post-marital agreements that minimize the potential for the uncertainty and expense of divorce and other family law litigation.
  • After a divorce or separation, many people see their lives and needs change in unexpected ways. Our divorce lawyers help clients obtain modifications to custody, visitation, and support determinations. We also assist clients who need help with the enforcement of marital agreements involving property and debt, spousal and child support, and custody and visitation, and the interpretation of these agreements.

Contact the Family Law Attorneys at Wexell Milman Today

To schedule an initial consultation and find out about the family law services we offer, call our law offices in Fairfax, Virginia, at 703-385-3858 or contact us online. Daytime, early evening, and Saturday morning consultations are available by appointment. Major credit cards are accepted.

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